Invest In Women Tour

Chloe Capital is more than a vc firm – we’re a Movement. Despite recent progress, only 2% of women founders receive venture capital in the U.S. Yet companies with women leaders statistically generate more sales, exit faster and produce greater returns for investors. In partnership with foundations, universities and corporate innovators, Chloe Capital creates opportunities for women. Our signature programs maximize the fundraising experience for both founders and investors.


Partners select the theme

Chloe Capital invests in seed-stage, women-led innovation companies around the world. As a partner you’ll select the investment theme, like the Future of Work & Education.



We Recruit like Coaches

Several months leading up to the program, Chloe Capital will recruit, screen and conduct thorough due diligence to discover the best women-led companies. Five founders will be chosen to participate based on investment potential.


Together, we rally the masses

Invest in Women means so much more than writing a check. Chloe Capital looks for partners who open up their networks to create opportunities for women. In two years, Chloe Capital has catalyzed over $10M for our portfolio companies. This service-oriented, community approach to early-stage investing is what makes Chloe Capital so unique.

More than 10,000 have joined our Movement to Invest in Women. Now it’s your turn to do well by doing good.