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Chloe Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in women-led innovation companies. While recognized for our #InvestInWomen tour, female founders do not need to participate in one of our signature programs to receive funding opportunities from Chloe Capital, or any of our co-investing partners. We do ask that you take a moment to review our investment thesis. We also hope that before applying you’ll familiarize yourself with Chloe Capital’s portfolio.

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Studies show that companies led by women with diverse teams perform better. Yet only 2% of venture capital in the U.S. goes to female founders, while African American female founders receive just .2%. Chloe Capital’s mission is to decrease the gender and diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. We do this by investing in early-stage, women-led companies. As service-oriented VCs, our programs help recruit diverse founders, engage co-investors and rally the masses. Today, thousands of people around the world have joined our Movement to #InvestInWomen.

Companies that apply should have one leader on the team who identifies as female. This person must hold at least 20% ownership in the company, and her ownership must be reflected on the company’s cap table. Chloe Capital is consciously inclusive of other types of diversity across the team as well. It’s not lost on us that companies with diverse leadership teams perform better, and have the potential to be more innovative.

Chloe Capital’s signature programs include a private investor dinner, fundraising workshop and Shark Tank-style pitch event. Founder selection is at the discretion of Chloe Capital’s investment committee after an extensive due diligence process. All travel and hotel expenses, if applicable, are covered for the founders. Investment opportunities are historically shared live by the end of each 24-hour program. Watch us in action during the Future of Work & Education > 

Yes. Chloe Capital is a venture capital firm with a fund that invests in early stage, women-led, tech or tech-enabled companies. View our investment thesis > 

Chloe Capital ‘Recruits like Coaches.’ We’re always scouting for founders on the forefront of the next great innovation. Keep those applications coming!

Every founder who applies for funding is automatically entered into Chloe Capital’s deal database, which begins our screening process. Should a member of Chloe Capital’s investment committee have questions, founders will be contacted directly. You may also receive notifications when new programs matching your company become available. Select companies will be invited to participate in Chloe Capital’s due diligence process on a case by case basis, or ~3 months prior to each program. Once tapped on the shoulder, founders will have a specific amount of time (typically 2 weeks) to submit standard supporting materials, including 3-year financials, cap table, open term sheets and IP/trademark documents.

Chloe Capital will aim to connect with all who apply for funding. Please be patient with us. We receive over 100 applications a week. Founders who do not hear from us directly are still under consideration for future investment opportunities. At any time, founders can send progress reports or investor newsletters to

No. Companies can apply from anywhere in the U.S. and do not need to relocate. If a founder is selected to participate in a Chloe Capital program, she must be onsite for the entire 24-hour experience to be considered for funding. Travel and hotel accommodations, if applicable, are handled for the founders.

Not at this time. Chloe Capital makes equity / debt investments in for-profit companies. See our investment thesis > 

Chloe Capital makes seed stage investments of $100,000 – $250,000. Investments are made on a case by case basis, or in connection with our signature programs. Chloe Capital invites other investors to participate in a collaborative due diligence and investing process. Chloe Capital, nor our program partners accept referral fees for making these connections. In six months, Chloe Capital and ECMC Foundation invested $1.25 million in female founders defining the Future of Work & Education. See the Movement in action >