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Rochester Women Investors Forum

Localized investing in women leading innovation in Upstate New York

The Entrepreneurs Network and Chloe Capital share the goal of investing in women – with money and with education. Our mission is to increase the number of women investors and provide more funding for women-led tech companies.

Chloe Capital will kick off its national tour with the Women Investors Forum in Rochester, NY.

Working together, TEN and Chloe Capital are building a movement that supports women reaching their fullest potential, and having opportunities equal to their male counterparts. Join us for a day of inspiration and purpose. TEN and Chloe Capital are committed to recruiting male allies who support the movement.

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DEC 3, 2018 | Rochester, NY 

Investor Dinner (6-8PM)
This dinner is exclusive to Chloe Capital investors, top sponsors, our pitch finalists and approved accredited investors interested in learning more about our movement to invest in women entrepreneurs and build a community to support their growth.
$125 | REQUEST CODE | invite only


DEC 4, 2018 @ The Penthouse at One East Avenue

Investing Workshop (11:30AM-4PM)
Connect with our cast of “Super Angels.” Leading women in angel investing and venture capital will share industry insights through inspirational fireside chats, panels and investor talks. This workshop is perfect for accredited individuals interested in startup investing. Founders at the helm of venture-backable companies will also benefit from hearing the investors’ perspectives. Supportive male allies welcome.
$75 | REGISTER | space is limited

Pitch Event (5-8PM)
Five women-led innovation companies from across New York State will pitch their ventures LIVE. One company will receive an investment from Chloe Capital, and the opportunity to pitch our funding partner, Astia Angels, for follow on funding. A panel of experienced investors will help select the winner. These VC’s and angels represent leaders in the movement to invest in women entrepreneurs.
$15 | TICKETS | open to public

Rochester City Champions

Chloe Capital has partnered with Imagine Monroe and The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) to create more opportunities for female leaders, and build a community to support their growth.

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Chloe Capital National Tour Starts in Rochester, NY

Chloe Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in women-led innovation companies. We’re holding investing workshops and pitch events across the U.S. Our initiatives support local women entrepreneurs, and empower local investors to join our movement.

The Entrepreneurs Network and Imagine Monroe were the first Champions to step forward. Leading by example, TEN and Imagine Monroe have committed resources to make the Rochester Women Investors Forum on December 4, 2018 a beacon for other tour cities to follow.

[READ] Upstate NY Investor, Mentor Champions Movement to Advance Women Entrepreneurs

What makes this different?

Chloe Capital works with Event Champions to encourage qualifying women entrepreneurs to apply, and select the best of the best with proper due diligence BEFORE the women pitch. Collaboration continues as Chloe Capital works with Event Champions to open doors, and drive business results after the $100,000 investment. These efforts best position the company for achieving success and delivering a healthy return on investment. Rochester Champions – The Entrepreneurs Network and Imagine Monroe – join Chloe Capital in providing meaningful connections from their extensive business and funding contacts.

Why is this important?

Studies show that diverse teams with women at the helm grow faster and produce higher returns for investors. Women-led tech companies receive less than 5% of all venture capital in the U.S., while just .2% goes to African American female founders. TEN and Chloe Capital will make decisions based on merit, without bias. We call this “Doing Well by Doing Good.”

What is The Entrepreneurs Network and Imagine Monroe?

The Entrepreneurs Network is for startups who are commercializing scientific breakthroughs and new technologies, and small businesses who can scale by tapping new markets or expanding their product portfolios. This focus on growth potential drives powerful peer-to-peer learning, and leads to real-world success stories. TEN is business helping business; entrepreneurs accepted into the program receive training and coaching from investors and business owners.

It is the mission of Imagine Monroe to advance the job opportunities, health, general prosperity, and economic welfare of the people of Monroe County. This is accomplished by actively working to promote, attract, encourage, and develop recreation, economically sound commerce, and industry for the purpose of preventing unemployment and economic deterioration. Imagine Monroe will achieve this mission, utilizing the powers granted to it by New York State, by providing financial assistance to qualified projects. This assistance shall include conduit bond financing, lease/leasebacks, exemptions from taxation, and/or support to organizations with similar missions.

Why is The Entrepreneurs Network collaborating with Chloe Capital?

The Entrepreneurs Network and Chloe Capital share the goal of investing in women – with money and education. We are spreading the word about educational and funding opportunities for women-led innovation companies – beyond what either organization could do on its own. TEN and Chloe Capital are collaborating to drive localized investment in the women leading innovation in Upstate New York.

How do I get involved?

The Entrepreneurs Network and Chloe Capital invite women executives and men who support the movement to attend the Women Investors Forum in Rochester, NY on December 4, 2018.

Accredited investors and sponsors interested in learning more about joining this movement can reach to engage with us :

Women-led innovation companies that missed the deadline for Rochester can apply to pitch in other cities on the Chloe Capital Nation Tour :

What kind of companies does Chloe Capital invest in?

Chloe Capital focuses on frontier technologies including B2B SaaS, Blockchain, AI, AR/VR, Voice, Bots, IoT, Robotics, Wearables, Hardware, Cleantech and Agtech. Companies must have at least one female in the C-Suite, a working prototype and the potential to capture large, rapidly-growing markets. In addition, companies with diverse leadership teams, more than one full-time team member (tech leader preferred), and revenue and/or contacts secured with clients/customers will rise to the top of our list.

Can I still participate in the pitch event if I don’t have a frontier tech company?

Yes, women-led Food & Beverage and Consumer Product companies can apply to be event vendors. These companies will receive visibility through event promotions, as well as the opportunity to meet our investors, judges and advisors. Express your interest in being an event vendor at

Where else will Chloe Capital be holding pitch events?

Boston, MA  – January 11, 2019
Denver, CO – February 7, 2019
Chicago, IL – April 4, 2019
Binghamton, NY – May 1, 2019

Chloe Capital’s mission is to decrease the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. We further this mission by providing women entrepreneurs across the U.S. with mentoring, connections to resources and access to capital.

Founded by three women tech-trepreneurs, Chloe Capital launched during our inaugural Women Investors Accelerator in October 2017. The program united women founders with women investors, who joined Chloe Capital in making our first investment in Mi Padrino.

Since, Chloe Capital has helped Mi Padrino raise an additional $2 million in funding by connecting the founder with investors including Astia Angels and the XO Group.

Join Our Movement

Frontier tech companies will have the opportunity to pitch for funding and connections to our network of advisors, investors and business pros. Sponsors will gain regional and national visibility. Investors will receive returns and insight on how to pay it forward. Together we’ll all further the movement to decrease the gender gap in entrepreneurship.

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