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Chloe Capital’s mission is to decrease the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. We further this mission by providing women entrepreneurs across the U.S. with mentoring, connections to resources and access to capital.

Founded by three women tech-trepreneurs, Chloe Capital launched during our inaugural Women Investors Accelerator in October 2017. The program united women founders with women investors, who joined Chloe Capital in making our first investment in Mi Padrino.

Mi Padrino is an online event planning platform and marketplace for the Hispanic community. Founder and international businesswoman Kim Gamez has grown Mi Padrino to over 200,000 active users in 1 year. This super-charged growth has attracted the attention of investors, and major brands such as Pepsi and Mattel.

The women at Chloe Capital know Tech and Marketing, but more importantly, they understand women and the magical dance that we play to balance work and home. It’s this recipe for success that makes female entrepreneurs succeed. It’s what puts Chloe Capital a step ahead of the rest.”

– Kim Gamez, Founder & CEO, Mi Padrino (+ mother of five)

Since our investment, Chloe Capital has helped Mi Padrino raise an additional $2 million in funding by connecting Kim with investors including Astia Angels and the XOGroup. It’s fiesta time!

Off the heels of this success, City Champions from across the U.S. reached out to Chloe Capital, requesting we bring the experience to their ecosystems. What better way to beat the drum about this cause than to go on tour and collaborate with these leaders in innovation. Together, we’re attracting top talent, inspiring investors to join the movement, and building a genuine community that supports women entrepreneurs.

Chloe Capital announced our first investment of the Chloe Capital National Tour at the Rochester Women Investors Forum. Congratulations to Caroline and Christine Strzalka, co-founders of It’s By U!

It’s By U delivers DYI flower arrangement kits from the farm to U. The founders are already selling 400 kits a month, and they’re using blockchain and predictive analysis technology to increase profit margins. Chloe Capital’s investment will help It’s By U scale to capture the $16B U.S. retail flower market. Victory smells so sweet.

Nineteenth Amendment | Chloe Capital

Our second investment of the Chloe Capital National Tour was announced at the Boston Women Investors Forum. Congratulations to Amanda Curtis and Gemma Sole, co-founders of Nineteenth Amendment!

19th is a SaaS platform for on-demand manufacturing and retailing. Brands of all sizes use 19th’s proprietary SmartPLM to pre-sell items directly to shoppers, and connect with vetted U.S. manufacturers. Manufacturing time is cut from six months to six weeks, eliminating the need for brands to carry inventory. This revenue-generating and scaleable platform currently services over 1000 brands in 30 countries. Enterprise partnerships include Moody’s, Macy’s, Disney and Project Runway. This investment has us strutting our stuff!

“I became an early Investor and champion of Chloe Capital and their social impact mission because I believe in their smarts, tireless work ethic, investment choices and … the value Chloe adds to each investment.”

– Steve Freidmutter, Investor & Advisor, Chloe Capital (aka #manbassador)

Accelerator Companies

Chloe Capital continues to work with companies selected for our exclusive programs, which are designed to build community and connect founders to investors. Here are the finalists from our 2017 Women Investors Accelerator.



Advertising and sales channel that lets advertisers send messages directly to target consumers, and pays consumers for reading the ads.

exempt me now


Platform that makes creating and maintaining high-performance tax exempt organizations – simple.

mi padrino

Mi Padrino

Easy event planning for the Hispanic community. Create and share your event page; collect funds from your Padrinos.

mission 360

Mission 360 (acquired 2018)

On demand health community in partnership with fitness, yoga and meditation studios, instructors.



World’s only non-contact health and sleep baby monitor. Check baby’s vitals on your phone with custom app.