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HubSpot Configuration Contractor

Chloe Capital is seeking a Technical Consultant to setup and configure the Firm’s HubSpot Sales Hub to achieve maximum platform performance.

Company Overview

Chloe Capital is a Movement-driven venture capital firm based in New York that invests with a gender and diversity lens. Learn about Chloe Capital and our mission to #InvestInWomen > chloecapital.com

Chloe Capital embraces diversity, and seeks candidates who will contribute to a climate that supports a Movement of 15,000+ community members, entrepreneurs and investors from diverse backgrounds. We strongly encourage individuals from underrepresented and / or marginalized identities to apply.

Position Overview

Chloe Capital is seeking a Technical Consultant to help complete set up and configuration of Hubspot so that we can use it effectively to meet our fundraising goals. This is a great project-based opportunity for a detail-oriented, efficient and organized data specialist with Hubspot configuration and set up experience.


  • Very precise data entry skills
  • Hubspot field configuration and set up skills
  • Data migration expertise
  • Excellent writing and grammar skills
  • Experience with Hubspot, Nutshell and Airtable


  • Finish database design, including pipelines and fields for Hubspot for different categories of contacts
  • Fully configure fields in Hubspot once database design is complete
  • Complete migration of notes data from Nutshell to Hubspot
  • Complete migration of lead status data from pipelines in Airtable to Hubspot
  • Create guide to document instructions for maintaining clean data in Hubspot based on the design of the database
  • Review design and implementation with the team and get feedback at various stages of the project


Remote position. Candidates from all locations are welcome to apply.

As a note Visa sponsorship is not available for this position.


Currently a part-time independent contractor role with compensation based on experience.

Time Commitment

To be determined. Based on estimate for one-time setup project.

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