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Five Women-led Tech Companies Compete for Funding

Agtech, SaaS, Gaming, AI and retailTech startups to shine at Chloe Capital’s pitch event for women in tech

1st movement of its kind in Upstate NY for women-led companies; Championed by The Entrepreneurs Network and Imagine Monroe


(RELEASE) New York, NY – On Tuesday, December 4th, 2018, five of the top early-stage, women-led tech companies in New York State will present their businesses to a room full of investors and community leaders during the Rochester Women Investors Forum (ChloeCapital.com/tour-rochester). Aimed at growing women-led companies, this event is the first of its kind in Upstate NY. We invite all media representatives to join us in shining a light on the movement for equality in entrepreneurship.

BetterBred, BrandVerge, Immersed Games, It’s By U and Outgift (descriptions below) were selected from a national pool of over 1000 applicants. One of these companies will be awarded $100,000.. The winner will be chosen during a pitch event from 5 – 8 PM at The Penthouse at One East Avenue. Tickets are on sale at CHLOESrochester.eventbrite.com.

According to Pitchbook, in 2017 female founders received only two percent of all venture capital in the U.S. In stark contrast, companies run by all male leadership teams received 79 percent of the $85 billion that VCs invested last year. On December 4, Chloe Capital, in partnership with The Entrepreneurs Network and Imagine Monroe, aims to help women entrepreneurs with funding, connections and mentorship.

“Despite recent progress, women-led companies are going unnoticed. Yet studies show companies with diverse leadership teams grow faster and produce higher returns for investors. So for us, investing in women-led innovation companies is an opportunity to do well by doing good,” said Elisa Miller-Out, Founding Partner at Chloe Capital. “The Entrepreneurs Network and Imagine Monroe were the first champions to step forward. Together we’re furthering the movement to decrease the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital.”

Earlier in the day, accredited investors and founders at the helm of venture-backable companies are also invited to an Investing Workshop from 11:30AM – 4PM, also at The Penthouse at One East Avenue. World-class speakers will lead enrichment programming focused on localized investing in women leading innovation. Featured speakers include Dr. Michele Madansky, co-author of Elephant in Valley, a widely cited study on gender bias in Silicon Valley. Supportive male allies are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Enrollment for both sessions of the Rochester Women Investors Forum is filling up. Interested people are urged to sign up at CHLOESrochester.eventbrite.com.

“Working together, TEN and Chloe Capital are building a movement that supports women reaching their fullest potential and having opportunities equal to their male counterparts,” said Jean Kase, Executive Director of The Entrepreneurs Network. “Congratulations to the five women-led innovation companies selected for this investment opportunity.”

Here are the five NYS women-led tech companies competing for funding:

DNA-based conversation software preserving historic breeds and beloved pets. BetterBred gives the breakdown of a dog’s genetics: for purebreds, to predict future illnesses; for non-purebreds, to determine ancestry.


Marketplace + workflow tool that makes it easy for advertisers to plan premium media partnerships at scale. For media companies, BrandVerge will shorten the sales cycle for ad space, provide qualified leads, and have a higher consideration rate. For advertisers, BrandVerge will increase market transparency, streamline the process for selling ads, and lead to stronger performances for the ads.


Harnessing the engaging power of video games to create a next generation STEM learning platform. Their flagship product, Tyto Online, is a video game for middle school students to learn science content and skills. The company has sold over 26,000 copies of their smaller first product, received grants from the National Science Foundation and Department of Education, and was recently awarded investment from New York State through the 43North business competition.


  • It’s By U – New York, NY
    Co-founders Caroline Strzalka; Christine Strzalka

DIY flower arrangement kits delivered from the farm to you. It’s By U sends everything you need to create your own flower arrangements: the farm-fresh flowers, tools, containers, and a streaming video lesson. The easy kits let you make your own gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces for weddings, holidays, and more.


A retailTech platform focused on finding the right gift for every occasion and person. Outgift uses A.I. against a thoughtfully curated library of brands and products to make recommendations based on each recipient’s unique preferences and interests. The engaging social platform enables users to connect with each other and discover what their loved ones truly want while still allowing them to surprise and delight.

Don’t miss your chance to support these innovation leaders. Register to attend at CHLOESrochester.eventbrite.com

The Rochester Women Investors Forum is part of the Chloe Capital National Tour. In addition to Rochester, NY, Investing Workshops and Pitch Events are scheduled in Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO and Binghamton, NY. Women-led companies ready for venture funding should apply at ChloeCapital.com/tour.


About Chloe Capital : chloecapital.com
Chloe Capital is a seed-stage VC firm that invests in women-led innovation companies. Founded by three women tech-trepreneurs from Upstate NY, Chloe Capital made its first investment in October 2017 during the firm’s inaugural Women Investors Accelerator. Since, Chloe Capital has helped Mi Padrino secure major deals with Mattel and raise an additional $2 million. Chloe Capital is now venturing forward to advance solutions to the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital, which is furthered by the firm’s investments and community programs. Contact: Kathryn Cartini, Partner : kathryn@chloecapital.com

About Imagine Monroe : imaginemonroe.org
It is the mission of Imagine Monroe to advance the job opportunities, health, general prosperity, and economic welfare of the people of Monroe County. This is accomplished by actively working to promote, attract, encourage, and develop recreation, economically sound commerce, and industry for the purpose of preventing unemployment and economic deterioration. Imagine Monroe will achieve this mission, utilizing the powers granted to it by New York State, by providing financial assistance to qualified projects. This assistance shall include conduit bond financing, lease/leasebacks, exemptions from taxation, and/or support to organizations with similar missions. Contact: Jeff Adair, Executive Director : jeffreyadair@monroecounty.gov

About The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) : ten-ny.org
The Entrepreneurs Network is for startups who are commercializing scientific breakthroughs and new technologies, and small businesses who can scale by tapping new markets or expanding their product portfolios. This focus on growth potential drives powerful peer-to-peer learning, and leads to real-world success stories. TEN is business helping business. Entrepreneurs accepted into the program receive training and coaching from investors and business owners. Contact: Jean Kase, Executive Director : jeankase@ten-ny.org

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Mi Padrino Lands Strategic Investments in Seed Round

Funding attracts investors from across the U.S.; Catalyzed by Chloe Capital

NEW YORKOct. 9, 2018 / — Mi Padrino®, an event-planning and crowd-gifting platform for the Hispanic community, announced today that it has secured a Series Seed round. Launched in 2017, MiPadrino.com makes it easy to organize and fund Latino events like Quinceañeras and weddings.

Astia Angels led the round, which includes industry leader XO Group (TheKnot) as well as Chloe CapitalInvest DetroitInvest Michigan and others. An all-in-one marketplace, event hosts use Mi Padrino to register for gifts, find vendors, shop for products, and more. The funds raised will accelerate Mi Padrino‘s growth trajectory by enhancing its platform, expanding marketing efforts, and investing in user engagement and retention.

Mi Padrino has quickly become the leading Hispanic event planning platform in the US,” said Kim Gamez, CEO and Co-Founder. “In twelve months, over two million guests have attended Mi Padrino events. This investment allows us to continue to improve the Hispanic party planning experience helping even more Latinx families enjoy and celebrate their traditions.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with Kim Gamez,” said Elisa Miller-Out, Founding Partner at Chloe Capital. “Mi Padrino was first brought to our attention Marta Michelle Colon, Co-founder of Access Latina, CEO of Buena Gente, and a member of the Chloe Capital advisory board. We quickly helped us recognize Kim’s stellar leadership skills, and her company’s ability to capture a rapidly growing and underrepresented market.”

Kim Gamez was invited to pitch at Chloe Capital’s inaugural Women’s Investors Accelerator at the end of last year. The accelerator united leaders in angel investing and venture capital with a select handful of women-led technology companies. Mi Padrino was chosen to receive Chloe Capital’s first investment.

“Our journey with Kim is a testament to the power of community. In addition to an introduction by Marta Michelle, Astia Angels joined us as a funding partner for our Accelerator, which resulted in the immediate opportunity for Kim to pitch Astia’s network of angels for follow on funding. Ita Ekpoudom from Plum Alley was also a member of our investor panel. She offered to introduce Kim to the Founder of TheKnot, which is owned by the XO Group,” said Miller-Out. “Our final decision to invest in Mi Padrino was strengthened by these key connections.”

According to Mi Padrino Board Member and investor Carol Schrader, “Astia Angel’s investment in Mi Padrino is significant as it extends our mission. Kim and her team presented a compelling opportunity to not only invest in a dynamic female entrepreneur, but also a Latina-focused business based in the Midwest.”

In the U.S. alone, over 400,000 Hispanic girls celebrate quinceañeras (their coming of age event) every year and on average families spend $20,000 on the event. Globally, quinceañeras are a $49 billion dollar industry and combined with other traditional celebrations (weddings, baptisms, tres años, etc.) create a $400B market.

“We’re thrilled to invest in a company that’s serving the Hispanic community with innovative products and services for quinceañeras and beyond,” said Alison Bernstein, Vice President and General Manager, XO Group. “At XO Group, we believe in the importance of celebrations and traditions. Connecting to the right tools, advice and local services is key in planning an amazing party. XO Group is excited to help Mi Padrino become the premier Hispanic event planning marketplace in the world.”

About Mi Padrino
At Mi Padrino, we believe in the deep and lasting impact of traditions and events in shaping lives and building community. We make event planning easy by organizing and connecting hosts, guests, vendors, products and resources, so that Latino families and friends can focus on what matters: Honoring their heritage and celebrating life’s most significant occasions together.

About Chloe Capital
Chloe Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in women-led innovation companies. Our mission is to decrease the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. We further this mission through our investments and enrichment programs that provide women entrepreneurs and investors with mentorship and connections to resources. We aim to make our next five investments during the 2018-2019 Chloe Capital National Tour > ChloeCapital.com/tour

About Astia Angels
Astia Angels is a premier global angel network made up of women, men and family offices investing in companies with inclusive executive teams. Since the launch of Astia Angels in 2013, members have made 95 investments into 60 women-led companies across the sectors of technology, life sciences, cleantech and consumer products, from seed to growth stage, representing $20.5M+ in investment and $250M+ in syndicate investments.

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Upstate NY Investor, Mentor Champions Movement to Advance Women Entrepreneurs

Rochester community leader Jean Kase joins Chloe Capital to drive growth among women entrepreneurs and investors. Kickoff women-only pitch event December 4, 2018 in Rochester, NY!

Things are changing for women in the startup and venture capital world – and a network of women in Upstate NY have stepped forward to join the movement.

According to Pitchbook, all-women teams received just 2 percent of the $85 billion total invested by venture capitalists last year. All-male teams received roughly 79 percent. While there’s still no single definite answer behind the gap, female founders point to the lack of female VCs.

“Only about 5% of partners at top VC firms are women.” –Crunchbase

The silver lining is that the world has started to take notice of this inequality, and more leaders have emerged to champion the effort to decrease the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Last year, three Upstate NY women tech-trepreneurs (Elisa Miller-Out, Kathryn Cartini and Erica O’Brian) launched Chloe Capital, a venture capital firm with a mission to invest in women entrepreneurs, and increase the pipeline of women investors.

Chloe Capital debuted with a Women’s Investor Accelerator that united investors with world-class women leaders in angel investing and venture capital for three days of learning and community building. Five women-led innovation companies were also invited to pitch their ventures for funding.

“We were successful in creating a hands-on learning experience for investors, who by the end of the Accelerator, joined Chloe Capital in making our first investment in Mi Padrino, a high-growth tech startup,” said Chloe Capital Founding Partner Elisa Miller-Out. “Since, we have helped Mi Padrino founder and CEO Kim Gamez raise ~$2 million in additional funding in partnership with Astia Angels, and secure major deals, including partnering with Mattel to promote the Quinceanera Barbie!”

Upstate NY entrepreneur mentor, angel investor and super connector steps forward

Monroe County and Imagine Monroe understand the importance that innovation based economic development and its positive impact on wages and job creation in other sectors.  Their commitment is solidified by putting funding in place to drive this strategy. Jean Kase, Executive Director of The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) plays a strategic role connecting people and resources in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Jean is a member of the Rochester Angel Network (RAN) and supported Chloe Capital’s accelerator for investors from the onset.

Jean has recruited and mentored hundreds of startups founders and owners of scalable businesses throughout her career. In these roles, having witnessed the gender gap first hand, Jean was enthusiastic about collaborating with an Upstate vc firm catalyzing solutions to the problem. She joined Chloe Capital as an inaugural investor, and became a member of the firm’s Board of Directors earlier this year.

Inspired by the movement, Jean helped TEN launch the first Women’s Business Accelerator in Upstate NY. This exclusive experience for women started in September. The program’s focus is to drive profitability, and help scale companies focused on selling products and services beyond the Finger Lakes Region.

“The Entrepreneurs Network is an intense program that helps entrepreneurs build scalable companies through a proven curriculum, experienced coaching and powerful connections,” said Kase. “Out of over 20 successful cohorts, this is our first accelerator solely for women.

Chloe Capital partners Elisa Miller-Out and Kathryn Cartini will participate in TEN’s business accelerator for women entrepreneurs as mentors, speakers and judges.

Accelerators for women investors and entrepreneurs catalyze next initiative

The Entrepreneurs Network, powered by Imagine Monroe, is leading the Rochester collaboration with Chloe Capital. Activities include a pitch event for women-led companies, and unique workshops designed for women investors and male allies.

“This collaborative initiative fosters economic growth by providing women entrepreneurs across New York State mentoring, connections and access to capital,” said Miller-Out. “We’ll also continue to educate and inspire investors to take action.”

Five women-led innovation companies will be selected out of an applicant pool of 1000 startups. Each will pitch their venture live to a panel of investors, who represent capital providers committed to gender parity in entrepreneurship. Tickets to the event are on sale now at CHLOESrochester.eventbrite.com.

“Our approach with Chloe Capital is unique in that unlike a business plan competition, women-led companies will actually pitch Chloe Capital and our co-investing partners for funding,” added Kase. “TEN and Imagine Monroe will also collaborate with Chloe to increase the number of women investors at the table, and provide access to future funding for women startups.”

Prior to the pitch event, investors will be invited to a full day of enrichment programming. Participants will receive insight on how to find deals, the power of building community and the ins and outs of term sheets. Accredited investors can apply for the workshop at chloecapital.com/tour.

“The power of having TEN champion the Rochester Event is sustainability,” said Kase. “New initiatives planned for 2019 will increase our reach and impact, by tapping new partners to ensure underrepresented founders and companies have access to the people, training and resources to spur innovation led growth throughout the Finger Lakes Region.”

The journey continues to get more women entrepreneurs funded

Chloe Capital will venture forward on its National Tour throughout 2019. Pitch events and investor workshops will be held in Boston, MA (January 11), Denver, CO (February 7), Chicago, IL (April 4) and Binghamton, NY (May 1).

Frontier tech companies will have the opportunity to pitch for funding and connections to our network of advisors, investors and business pros -> view startup application details. Sponsors will gain regional and national visibility. Investors will receive returns and insight on how to pay it forward. Together we’ll all further the movement to decrease the gender gap in entrepreneurship.

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25 Women Leaders Pitch; 5 Companies Get Funded

Chloe Capital is searching for the best, investment-ready innovation companies in the country. We’re offering investors an opportunity to ‘do well and do good’ by supporting women entrepreneurs on our National Tour!

Tour Cities

  • ROCHESTER – Dec 4, 2018
  • BOSTON – Jan 11, 2019
  • DENVER – Feb 7, 2019
  • CHICAGO – April 4, 2019
  • BINGHAMTON – May 1, 2019

The countdown is on for startups, investors and sponsors to take action.

Apply Now: ChloeCapital.com/tour

Pitch Events

25 women leaders will pitch their ventures. Five will receive funding from Chloe Capital, plus the opportunity to pitch our network of co-investors. Investor capital will be de-risked across the five investments.

Chloe Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in women-led innovation companies. We focus on frontier technologies in rapidly growing markets, and seek diverse leadership teams.

Companies do not need to be located in these cities to pitch or receive an investment. However, if selected, be prepared to travel. Meeting our investors in person is a must!

Startup Application Details: Click here, it’s a really long link 🙂

Investor Workshops

Fueled by the success of our inaugural Women’s Investor Accelerator, Chloe Capital in partnership with our City Champions, will hold unique and exclusive workshops for investors.

All levels of experience welcome. You’ll gain insight and inspiration from the top leaders in venture capital and angel investing, tap into a network of your peers and benefit from a hands-on investing experience.

Help Chloe Capital decrease the gender gap in entrepreneurship by providing women-led companies access to more capital.

Join Our Movement: ChloeCapital.com/tour




* Limited sponsorship opportunities are still available in select cities. Reach to Chloe Capital for details at ChloeCapital.com/contact

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The Power of Community – The story behind Chloe Capital’s new look

Meet the driving force behind Chloe Capital’s new website and branding!

Ewelina HoldredgeEwelina Zajac-Holdredge is the founder and creative director of IdeaKraft, a website development, packaging design and digital marketing agency with offices in Binghamton, NY and New Orleans, LA.

The Chloe Capital team met Ewelina through our work with nonprofit Upstate Venture Connect, when collaborating to strengthen entrepreneurial activity in the greater Binghamton area. A friendship was born, and soon after Ewelina joined Chloe Capital’s mission to reduce the gender gap in entrepreneurship. Idea Kraft has been a major supporter of Chloe Capital since our Women Investor’s Accelerator, and continues to help advance our movement through the redesign of our website: ChloeCapital.com.

Idea Kraft is a WBE, WOSB and EDWOSB Certified Woman Owned Business that works with a variety of clients, from early-stage startups, to global Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Idea Kraft is changing communities one branding at a time through Re-Kraft, a bi-annual event where the Idea Kraft team volunteers their time to rebrand a startup, non-profit or small business in New Orleans or Binghamton within 48 hours. Idea Kraft also hosts meetups for creative entrepreneurs, and recently launched Baseline Type, a resource for anyone looking to easily improve the typography on their website.

We applaud Ewelina’s unique vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Her award-winning design work has been recognized by many influential design organizations and media publications. How lucky are we to have such talent in our corner. Thank you Idea Kraft!

Chloe Capital | featured in Forbes

Chloe Capital Update

We’re feeling the love, friends! Since Chloe Capital announced our plan to travel around the country in search of the most promising women-led innovation companies, requests from community leaders interested in us stopping in their city has been tremendous. We’re currently in the planning stages with leaders in Binghamton, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and Rochester, with conversations moving forward with Austin and San Francisco. Thank you to everyone who has reached out. We welcome your partnership and look forward to making the Chloe Capital Tour a true milestone in our mission to reduce the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Chloe Capital will be announcing our first tour location soon. Investors, Startups and Sponsors can apply to participate in the national tour now. You do not need to be located within a tour city to participate. Join the Chloe Capital Tour

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Chloe Capital Launches Major Initiative to Support Women Entrepreneurs

Selects Founder of Mi Padrino, Mother of Five, for First Investment

NEW YORK, November 22, 2017 – Chloe Capital jumpstarts a venture capital fund focused on supporting women-led tech companies during their Women Investor Accelerator. The initiative brought together leading women entrepreneurs and pioneers in angel investing and venture capital for a two day educational and networking retreat. This unified effort has assisted in expanding opportunities, funding, and other resources for women entrepreneurs.

 Photo by Heather Ainsworth Photo by Heather Ainsworth

The launch of Chloe Capital’s mission comes at a time of increasing focus on the imbalance of resources available to women entrepreneurs. According to a recent study by the Diana International Research Network at Babson College, only 2.7% of all U.S. companies receiving venture capital have a woman CEO.

“Over my 20 year career as a serial entrepreneur in the tech space, I have personally experienced the gender gap in technology and entrepreneurship. Often, I’ve been the only woman in a room of hundreds of people,” said founding partner, Elisa Miller-Out. “We are building something new around women and technology, entrepreneurship, and diversity in tech. Chloe Capital’s mission is to have more diverse voices at the table building this future together.”

The name Chloe Capital is a combination of Elisa’s daughters’ names. “The idea is to empower our next generation and build a better future for all of our daughters and granddaughters. We are doing this so that they have the opportunity to follow their dreams and become entrepreneurs and investors, if they so choose, and be supported by a community of amazing female role models,” she added.

Kim Gamez is the CEO and Cofounder of Mi Padrino. After winning the seed investment during the Chloe Capital Women Investor Accelerator, Kim confessed having felt defeated at times until this milestone.

“I honestly was not expecting to win. I know I have a great platform, but I’ve been pitching mostly in the midwest where there are not a lot of female founders and predominantly only male investors. As a mother and woman business owner, I just haven’t felt understood,” said Gamez. “Now here I am, surrounded by a group of amazing, supportive women, who didn’t bat an eyelash when during the awards ceremony I was literally in the back corner breastfeeding my six-week-old! Could you imagine if I was in a room full of men? That would have been crazy,” she laughed. “I’m so honored. And all I can say is women, we can do this. We can do this together.”

Mi Padrino, is an event planning site focused on the Hispanic community. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mi Padrino launched in late June of this year and already has over 50,000 users on the platform.

As part of the launch, Chloe Capital unveiled a key partnership with Astia Angels that provides the winner with the opportunity to pitch Astia investors for a potential co-investment. Workshops during the Accelerator also engaged area innovators in a collaborative effort to understand the challenges and needs of women entrepreneurs.

“Our larger mission is to develop solutions that address the gender gap in technology, entrepreneurship and investing,” said Chloe Capital partner, Kathryn Cartini. “We want to see the numbers move from less than 5% of women founders being funded in the venture capital space, to 50% plus, which is where we are in the population.”

Chloe Capital saw their vision come to life during the Women Investor Accelerator. Women representing a diverse range of communities, including the African American, LatinX and Asian American communities, participated. These entrepreneurs, investors and supporters also included a vast age range. The Accelerator convened women from all over the world to take part in the mission. Representatives from Pipeline Angels, Astia Angels, NY Angels, Portfolia, Red Bear Angels, Plum Alley Investments, Gotham Gal, Golden Seeds, Ellevate and the Launch NY Seed Fund were all present.

The four other startup founders who participated in the Accelerator will continue to receive mentorship from Chloe Capital and their team of trusted advisors. These companies include:

Beseeq – Advertising and sales channel that lets advertisers send messages directly to target consumers, and pays consumers for watching ads. Advertisers pay the fee. Consumers own their data. CEO, Lisa Hammitt.

ExemptMeNow – Platform that makes creating and maintaining high-performance tax exempt organizations – simple. Revolutionizing the incorporation, exemption and compliance processes for nonprofits. CEO, Sevetri Wilson.

Mission 360 – On demand health community in partnership with fitness, yoga, and meditation studios and instructors. Allows users to stream their favorite videos anytime, from any device. CEO, Erin Sykes.

Raybaby – The world’s only non-contact health and sleep baby monitor, users can check baby’s vitals anytime with a mobile app. The submarine tech tracks respiration rate, and uses AI to infer sleep. Raybaby is a registered vendor for Target and Amazon, and the team is supported by Johnson & Johnson. CEO, Ranjana Nair.

View the complete program for the Chloe Capital Women Investor Accelerator here.

“Gender diversity and equality is not just a women’s problem. It’s a problem for all of us to address, and the solution will benefit all of us,” said Miller-Out. “This Accelerator was a test and a testament to the quality and quantity of entrepreneurs and investors ready to decrease the gender gap in women in tech. It’s clear we’ve tapped into something that is needed, and so important. We’re excited to be a part of it, and we cannot wait to see what happens next,” she added.


About Chloe Capital

Chloe Capital is a micro-VC fund with a vision to advance entrepreneurship, investment and economic opportunities for women of all colors. We work with diverse teams who are building innovative, thriving companies with emerging technologies and shaping the future in exciting ways. Chloe Capital is located in Upstate NY – centered around some of the top research universities in the world. We’re open to investments and investors throughout the U.S. Learn more at ChloeCapital.com.

About Mi Padrino

Mi Padrino is an event planning site providing a simple alternative to traditional methods of organizing, planning and funding Hispanic events. We help people share event details with friends and family instantly, allowing them to take part in the celebration no matter where they are in the world. Learn more at MiPadrino.com.

Kathryn Cartini
Chloe Capital

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